RAID - Regulation / AI / Internet / Data

RAID, standing for Regulation of AI, Internet & Data, is a high-level conference that generates positive engagement around the shared challenges and opportunities that technology regulation presents worldwide.
Digital technologies have become the primary means through which societies and economies operate. Different jurisdictions are regulating technologies in different ways, but they all face similar challenges.

RAID does not take sides. It is a platform equally for Europe, the US, China, for technology companies, big and small, and for our common humanity. While differences in socio-cultural and political norms exist and are reflected in regulatory frameworks, these differences are much smaller than the common ground that unites us – and the common challenges we face.

The RAID agenda tackles major global concerns: the size and power of big tech; the growing strength of AI; financial instability; the reach and status of platforms; data protection; and polarisation.

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